14 jun. 2017

Risky Business - OCDE Education Globalization

Education can prepare the future workforce with the skills required to address emerging risks.

Education can be a catalyst for changing knowledge, attitude and behaviour.

Education can reduce the impact of risk and crises.

Education can protect and prevent young people from engaging in risky behaviour. 

We can't entirely prevent the next outbreak of a communicable disease, a cyber-attack or another bank crashing. But we can continue to equip our citizens with the tools they need to protect themselves, and we can continue to support innovative solutions to minimise these risks. Any challenge is also an opportunity. The biggest contribution education can make it is to help develop the capacity and skills to build a safer future for all.

PISA 2015 Competencia Financiera: resultados y niveles de rendimiento

22% of students do not have basic financial skills across OECD countries

By 2040, most of Australia, Chile, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Spain, Turkey, and the USA will have a high to extremely high chance of severe water stress (World Resources Institute, 2015).

OECD PISA financial literacy assessment of students

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